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Online Course Help

"I know I have completed a chapter in my course, but I'm not showing credit for it. What do I do?"
First, do not repeat the chapter.  Occasionally, a chapter may not show as completed on your screen.  The checkmarks are mainly a guideline for you to know if you completed it or not.  We have an additional tracking system to verify your progress on our end.  As long as you know that you completed the chapter, the checkmarks on your screen are not that important.

"I am trying to take a quiz online, but I receive the following message - 'Quiz loading aborted - data not found' - What do I do?
This error occurs if there is a communication timeout between your computer and our server.  Many times, the quiz will still load in the background.  If this is the case, you can simply drag the error box off to the side and proceed to taking the quiz.  You can also delete your temporary internet files or restart your computer in an attempt to help your connection speed.

Certificates of Completion

"I am needing to obtain a duplicate copy of my certificate of completion.  How can I obtain one?"
You can print additional copies of your certificate of completion by clicking the "gradebook" icon on your course screen.

 "My certificate of completion does not print correctly or part of the certificate is cut off when I print.  What is the best way to print a copy?"
The following steps are designed for a computer that operates on Windows XP or Windows Vista.
1. Go to the "gradebook" icon and click the link that says "get certificate".  Your certificate of completion will appear on the course screen.
2. Right click with your mouse on the image and click "Save Picture As". A new window will open. Click Save.  Please make a note of which folder you saved the certificate in.
3. From your desktop on your computer, locate the folder where you saved your certificate.
4. Right click on the icon for the picture and click open with, and choose "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer".  A new will will open displaying your certificate of completion.
5. From here, you can either right click on the image again and click print, or click the print icon at the bottom of the window.
6. After the photo printer wizard opens, click next.  The next screen might show you several other pictures.  Make sure that the certificate of completion has a checkmark in it's box and that no other pictures have a checkmark.  Click next again.
7. The next screen will allow you to select the printer that you wish to print from.  You can also click "printing preferences" if you would like to change your printer's default settings for grayscale or color modes.  Click next again.
8. On the next screen, underneath "available layouts", select "Full page fax print: centered and rotated to fit". Also ensure that your printer is powered on. Click next.
9. Your image will print.  Please review and make sure that the information is correct.

Thank you for your purchase! To access your online training, please check your email.  Your login information and link to the course(s) will be automatically sent to the email account that you registered with.  Please allow up to five minutes to receive the email.